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Hi Twin Twins!!

So today I weighed-in at an even 224, who knows if that will even stick. TOM is nipping at my heels --this explains my energy levels. I have had to pysch myself up more than usual lately. I read this interesting article on TOM and its effect on us, pretty good read---> Menstrual cycle dieting
This would be more helpful, if my cycle was always predictable, and for like half of the year it is, the other half--not so much...
I was over my cals today--totally worth it. My tummy is happy . This means I can't do that for the next while though .
My workout was killer today . The only thing is, I think this consistent dripping sweat everyday thing, is doing horrid things to my skin. I am the person who rarely if ever has pimples or break outs, but in these past few months things have been different, and the only thing that changed in my life was the addition of this weight loss journey. I have had to try all sorts of methods of "prevention". I hate what is going on...isn't this all supposed to result in clearer skin??

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