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Skittlez - I'm the same way - love it when guests visit AND when they leave! Way to go having a plan to start the week off right

thewalrus0 - What are you studying? I'm not in school right now, but my husband is finishing his undergrad this year and I'm already longing for summer. He has an honors thesis to write over spring break so we won't really get an actual break at that point, boo.

whollyhick - I would go CRAZY if my husband was gone all night! I totally empathize with missing your spouse - between work and school I feel like I never get to see my husband. Big hugs for you!

I've had a good on-plan day, with all clean food choices well within my calorie limit, a 60 minute yoga flow class, and a 4 mile dog walk. I'm busy with lots of appointments and errands tomorrow but I'm hoping I can squeeze a yoga class in somewhere! I really want to get back in the groove a bit before the Bikram's Biggest Loser challenge I joined starts up on the 15th.
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