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Default Just completed week 3

Hi - I started IP on Friday, January 17th. Second and third days were the weirdest, just as the program indicates, but when Monday came...i felt pretty good.

So far I have lost 13lbs and a total of 13 inches. Week 1: 6 lbs, Week 2: 4.5lbs, Week 3: 2.5 lbs.

The program is working really good for me. I am learning how to cook and eat much much much better and as long as i have a few different IP options to chose from each day, I don't seem to miss any other foods, get hungry often or feel blah. I was juicing for a while before starting IP, so I do kind of miss making a nice juice, but I am sure I can phase the right juice options in, maybe phase III or IV.

I am really exciting about IP - first program I have found that I actually LIKE and it works pretty easy for me. My goal is to lose 40-50 lbs.
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