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Morning all,

Guess I'll be holding down the fort for the team this weekend

DH and I both seem to be getting a bit of cabin fever. We went out for a drive yesterday looking for some photo opportunities. The day started sunny but got a bit overcast as we drove along. This time of year I find to be rather blah. The majority of trees here are pine varieties so while they don't lose their needles (except for one specific type), the colors are not green, a sort of blackish mucky color. The snow has blown off the trees so not much in the way of contrast. There are some interesting lines on the water of wind blown drifts but that's the sort of detail that is easier seen with the eye rather than picked up with a camera. DH took a few pictures but mostly we had a nice ride and sang along with the XM Radio station of songs from the 60's. We stopped at a place and got hamburgers for our supper. Lots and LOTS of snowmobilers out there. In fact we passed up our first place of choice because the bar was jammed with them. Quiet night spent, did some reading but couldn't get into it - I need to get another pair of glasses specificially for reading I think - the blended bifocals make it hard to focus comfortably on book print. Talked to Mom on the phone and then wasted probably too much time on the computer before I went to bed too late! I have fallen away from food tracking in MFP - no particular reason, just forgot to do it so back on the bandwagon.

Need to dig into my fairly loaded freezer and make up a menu plan for the week. Time to use some stuff up. Plus I have some papers to sort through and I bought my Mom some chocolates so I have to package that up for shipment.

Annie - I wish you were at a computer to elaborate on your post. It's rather cryptic and troubling - I hope things are ok.

Shad - glad you had a nice visit with the family. Apparently both boys have decided that opposites attract? Either that or today's generation of young adults have switched roles. Seems like the guys are doing the a lot more of the pull everything together type stuff that we are more used to women doing. And the ladies are happy to sit back and be waited on like princesses their daddies told them they were growing up. I don't understand the world any more... I take it your home is still intact - is the house sitter taking care of Sunday also or is she back with DS?

And that brings me up to my last post. Sure is quiet here on the weekends. Guess I will go find me some lunch. Have a good Sunday.
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