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Okay, sometimes life become a bit mundane and certainly this has been a winter that stretches the patience. I think most of us would admit that we love the results of IP, but it does limit parts of our lives.

1. What do you miss the most?

2. What do you find the hardest on the IP protocol.

3. How are you staying motivated?

4. How do you honestly feel right now, at 4. Something months in?

1. What I miss the most is being able to go out or have people in for a glass (or 4, lol) of good wine. I know it is worth it, but it has had an impact socially.

2. The hardest part for me is taking all the darn supplements- hate them! And the slow down on the scale while staying OP, is super frustrating,

3. I read and post here to renew my focus.
I have a visual weight chart to cross off the pounds lost.
I am trying to cook a variety of foods to stave off boredom.
I look for motivation on Pinterest.
I limit talking about IP in my "real life"

4. I am loving the changes in my health and body. But with the slow down, goal is feeling like a long way off. I am really longing for spring and some warmth. It is not the end of IP that I am impatient for, because I have realized that it never ends (maintenance) but I want that goal. I think that I have a case I of winter boredom. I recognize that I used food to get through it in the past. As that is not an option, I have tried to stay busy instead. I am looking forward to starting seedling next month for the garden, redecorated the living room, next- go through and organize my closet.
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