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Hi All! Just checking in. Welcome to susiecanuck! Lulu, I'm with you. You can do this.

I'm experiencing a difficult point in my maintenance. I had gained 6 pounds through fall-Christmas. I did 3 weeks of P1 in January, then phased off. I lost 3 of those pounds and clothes fit better. In 2 weeks it seems that2 pounds came back, so I feel like I'm fighting them. Right now I'm on day two of P1, but I'm going to a conference out of town Wed-Sat and do not want to be on P1 this year. Last year I was strictly on P1 fr ths conference and it was really difficult.

Last year at this time I was 10-12 pounds from my goal weight and the end was in sight. I don't EVER want to have to do 9 months of P1 again, so I'm determined to figure this out.

I appreciate all of the advice and support on this thread.

Sarita, thanks for the reminder that almond butter (and fats in general) is not good for an evening snack. Nuts are a weakness of mine and I buy only small amounts from Whole Foods for special occasions. An evening snack for me is usually a pickle. Any other evening snack recommendations? The best one, I guess, is nothing, but that's not always possible.

Warm hellos to you all!
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