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Hi All,

OK, I had a really bad day yesterday, I fell completely off the wagon emotionally and eating. Things went from bad to worse here yesterday. Last week I found out that my job is moving to Cary, NC, where my new boss is based. Since I am not relocating, I'm out of a job. But, the Sr. VP and Office Mgr. love me, so they were gonna create something for me. In the meantime, another admin, who works on a study, is moving to the programming dept., so they have an opening and decided that they're putting me there, since they have that need now. But they said they'd keep looking for the exec. asst. position I told them I wanted. I told them I did not want to be a study admin at all, but that I would make an honest effort to make the best of it, until they can get me an exec. position. I know this doesn't sound like a bad situation, especially since they didn't just say, see ya', but I guess I'm PMSing early, and I'm upset that my boss felt I was soo disposable that I was available immediately to move to the new position as of Monday! I really felt like crap yesterday. Of course I found all this out in the AM, so I had to deal with it the rest of the day, and all I wanted to do was go home and cry. Fast Forward to when I did go home...I walked into the apartment and into the bedroom and found that my 20" TV that Jim put on the wall mount that he installed Saturday, flew off and smashed on the bedroom floor!! the whole back was cracked and the insides were rattling around. Thank God it fell on a pile of clothes I had on the floor (waiting to be washed!) Otherwise there would've been glass everywhere! The screen did not break, but the TV was destroyed. I mean, I paid $199.00, 5 yrs. ago for it, but that's $199.00 we don't need to be spending right now. Thank God there was not more broken, the VCR, which was also on the mount, was fine, the cable box was fine, my heart shaped Lenox clock that I got as a shower present was fine...surprisingly, since it was knocked over. And Thank God Zeus (the cat) was not laying in that pile of clothes!!

Anyway, I am trying to have a better attitude today, and make the best of it. All my people are out of town, so it's just me here, as usual! I will try to stay busy and not think about the change coming Monday.

Terri- Despite my issues, I am keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers. I know it's hard to let go, but you have to just put things in God's hands and trust that he wouldn't give you or your friend anything he didn't think you couldn't handle. Your friend has made peace with things, and just feel soo blessed that you had that time together. You will remember that forever, and I'm sure that's how she wants you to remember her...the good times more than the sick times.

Tech - It seems like everytime I go to my mom's house to get more stuff, I throw out bags and bags of garbage!! Makes me feel like I must've been living in a junk yard!! Congrats on the'll get rid of the rest! Great pics too!! I did not weigh in again Tuesday AM...forgot to, so I will just accept the 4 lb. gain, and hope for a better weigh in next Monday...although after yesterday, who knows?!

OK, time to get busy!
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