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Hi Terra! Welcome!!! Things are kind of quiet here at the moment, I'm hoping everyone is off having a fantastic weekend!

My weekend has been crazy busy and it's not over yet, and tomorrow isn't exactly going to slow down.

I think I've found a walking buddy in my neighborhood! I'm so excited! We've been friends for a few years through our kids, and this year our kids have ended up in a lot of the same activities so our schedules are matching up a bit.

HOPING to finally make it to a WW meeting next Saturday. Also, if I get half an hour free this week, I am going to stick beach pictures all over this house. First as a reminder that it can't be wet, muddy, and cold forever, and second to remind me I don't want to be hot, miserable, and sweaty when summer rolls around. I mean, I'm going to be hot and sweaty because we don't really do "mild" summers around here but I can't help but think losing fifty pounds or so (DREAMS!) would be like taking off a fur coat as compared to these last few summers packing all this extra weight around.

Come back, everybody! It's lonely over here! I'll take Terra up there to death if you don't all come by and intervene!
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