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Thanks, Mars735, those portion sizes seem reasonable although probably not really "proteiny". You seem to be getting additional protein from your snacks. What a great loss you are maintaining!
Do your shakes still have sucralose or have you quit artificial sweeteners too?

By the way, the hemp tofu is really good. I tried the sweet and spicy chili lime one by Tempt. It has a different texture and kind of a "seed" taste. A little higher in fat (350cal, 30gProtein, 10gCarbs, 8gFiber and 22g Fat) but figure 4 whole eggs are 18g and maybe use 1t instead of 2t for the day of oil and it seems to work out.
194.4/120 started IP 11.2.11, P4 117.3-120.3, officially from Aug 2012 to Jan 2013
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