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Morning all,
Back in the airport and waiting to fly to Sydney and then Wellington. 3 different time zones. Aaaah well I will get over it.
Yesterday the DS2 and partner J put on a Waitangi Day party although really since DS2 and I were the only Kiwis there, it was just an excuse for a booze up really, but it was fun. Question, why do both of my sons have disorganised partners who do not think they are disorganised? We were running around like bees around the hive and not achieving an awful lot at times. Okay enough of that.
I caught up with most of the family. Had breakfast with my brother (DB2) and his ex-wife, my niece J and her two little girls. Saw my friend Chris yesterday and caught up with the house sitter on Friday and Saturday night.
I got my tooth implant checked and all is going well there although, naught girl, smack hand, I not using enough floss. Too bad, aint gonna change that much. Got my haircut and coloured, but didn't get to the eye man. Never mind I will get this done in NZ sometime soon. I think I can get the paperwork sent over to another person.

And that is really about it. I don't have time for personals right now. I'm about to board the Sydney flight. See ya.
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