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Originally Posted by Lulu64 View Post
Maile- thanks so much for the info. I need to give myself pep talks all of the time when I step on the scales. That is really frustrating to me. I have gained 5 pounds back and it is driving me crazy, my husband too. I'm going to keep all of the good suggestions in my mind and not sweat the small stuff. Thanks again for all of the info, I need to come on this site more often, it really boost my spirits.
When you eat low carb to go into ketosis you loose the glycogen stores and associated water. When you increase carb intake, you will fully replenish those stores. The 5 lbs are probably just glycogen plus water. I gave up IP and have been eating everything since then, just in a limited manner. I did not follow IP's plan. I have not gained weight back except that when out of ketosis my body tends to retain a lot more water during a monthly cycle. In my case this can be up to 7-8 lbs difference in addition to the 3 lbs that came back when I went out of ketosis. This is simply due to the fact that ketosis suppressed estrogen/progesterone levels and these levels increased again through eating more carbs. My body unfortunately more and more rivals that of a camel. So, maybe just relax since the scale weight does not necessarily equal fat gain.

In my opinion it is enough to have an estimate of what your calorie intake needs to be for your activity level. I do not think it is that important to follow a book of rules of what you can eat and when, since I am a complete basket case in the hormone department and I find I can maintain easily. Just weight loss seems to require ketosis. However, I do exercise regularly and I do not eat processed food. I also have to limit my calories to below 1600/day (average). Maybe IP's phases allow you to add a bit more, but I do not like to be restricted and feel satisfied with what I can eat. So, maybe just take a step back, find a way of eating that is sustainable and that you enjoy and also focus on toning your body.
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