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S/C/G: 124.2/117.8/120 %BF27.1/24.5/?

Height: 5'4"


Did your coach give you a Phase 4 specific diary or a sample menu?
Would either of those be helpful to you?
Do you think the 5lbs is the "rebound" (return of water) from phasing off?
Any idea how many calories you think you are eating or just the typical portion sizes of your meats & veggies?
How much fat are you typically eating (looking for enough fat as much as the "when")?
I love a good nutrition mystery.
194.4/120 started IP 11.2.11, P4 117.3-120.3, officially from Aug 2012 to Jan 2013
home scale: 114 to 126, 19% to 30%BF
2014 reset: Ja22: 124.2/27.1%; Ja29: 121/25.9%; Fe5: 119.6/25.3%; p2...Fe12: 117.5/24.5%; p3...Fe19: 116.8/24.1%; p4...117.8/24.5%
Goal #1: correct sucralose deficiency (minimize sugar cravings)
Goal #2: lower the bodyfat to reflect time spent at the gym
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