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I try to mix things up, but I am still having soy products in the mix.
I had read that tempeh can be one of the better soy choices because it is fermented. You need to look at the calorie charts closely because some have a lot of carbs and some have very few, much like the tofu varies.

Consider eating the yokes of the eggs some of the time because there is b-12 in there that vegetarians can become deficient in.

My p4 additions are plain greek yoghurt (because it is higher in protein than the regular) and cottage cheese.

The Quorn products get their protein from egg whites and mushrooms. They tend to be a little low in protein and higher in carbs.

I also think there is a way to use beans, lentils and peas for p4 dinners as they are high in carbs and fiber, along with more protein than typical vegetables.

Yesterday I found Tempt Hemp tofu at whole foods, which I will give a try soon.

My go-to stuff is Gardein Chick'n Scallopini and classic Buffalo Wings (without sauce). Occasionally the beefless tips, which are higher in carbs. Kroger is also carrying suspiciously similar products under the "Simple Truth" brand, such as the Meatless Grillers. Costco has some awesome Boca Burgers that were 19g protein each and maybe 1 net carb; they are trying to get them back (per the buyers book) but I haven't seen them yet. Those are all soy containing products, along with wheat proteins and ancient grains.

There is also peanutbutter and nuts to a limited extent in p4.

Plus, whey protein powder can be purchased unflavored if you want to experiment with that.

In p1 you can also use two non-restricted packets, which might make a good "back up" in p4 but not a continued practice ALTHOUGH Ideal Protein is selling the "Complete" packet that is supposed to be a p4 meal replacement so maybe that is a tool that would be useful to some people.

I'd really like to start doing more beans and lentils in p4. I swear that the few times I did it at dinner it had no impact at all. I was very, very careful about portion control.

What all have you been using?
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