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Good morning all,

Looks like I will be picking up an extra shift at the thrift shop on Friday afternoons. At least until my buddy S returns from her snowbirding in Arizona in April. They are having a terrible time getting volunteers to work - especially the afternoons when everyone seems to be intimidated closing out the register and making the bank deposit. One lady who I think volunteered there before came back and freaked out yesterday and walked out. I feel badly - the animals still need money for care and the shelter people come in and clean and exercise the animals no matter what the weather so I felt I could step up a little more myself. The coordinator is getting tired of dealing with all the bruhahaha and he volunteers for about 5 other community things too so I figured I'd cut him some slack and help out. Yesterday we stopped at the shelter to drop off 30 cans of cat food we won't be needing since Meadow doesn't like wet food and Nina can't eat it. We also had 4 trash bags of aluminum cans. DH was going to cash them in and realized they are worth about 7 bucks a bag so we donated them to the shelter instead. While there the ladies were asking about the cats and one of the managers said funny we should stop by as our names came up - they are considering getting some shelter and animal management software to help run the business and were thinking of us. Also spring is coming which means there will be a dearth of new little kittens and they are needing someone to put together a foster contact program and just maybe I might be good for that There is no lack of things to keep busy with up here, I tell you. Only a lack of a paycheck

Susie - I get my hair done on Thursday - can't wait so I know how you feel. What "procedure" did DH have? Just tests? Sorry to hear he picked something up. Our hospital here has rubber gloves, face masks, tissues and sanitizer as you walk in the door - as well as a big sign - they do everything but tackle you to the floor and disinfect you I hope he feels better. That H1N1 flu is nasty I hear. Oh those Maine Coon cats are soooo pretty. Sorry you lost your little guy. It is a bummer sometimes that the vet bills can be so high. I think our most crazy bill was $150 for a hysterectomy for our lop eared bunny. The homeless one that just showed up on our porch one day looking for the suckers.. um I mean a safe house Sounds like you are really putting in some incredibly long days at the office. Make sure you get enough rest so that you don't get run down yourself.

Ceejay - I am starting to unfollow some of the people who frustrate me on FB - I may not be able to disable my account because of some other stuff I'd need a link to but thanks for the input. Sorry your houseguest is getting on your nerves - just remember this - you are happy living alone I really would not like someone to come in and take over either. Hopefully she will be gone soon. So you got some snow after all? Wow - it's almost time for spring by you.

Michelle - I love Susie's advice to buy a fun umbrella. I can see you with a clear one with happy faces on it Thank you for the FB advice also and the link to the free university classes. The one thing I like about the ed2go writing classes are that they are developed by someone who makes her living writing so there is a lot of practical advice about publishing and stuff like that. And the prices are reasonable which always helps. I hope you get your friend's montage wrapped up. I'm sure it's a lot of work but what fun experience you'll get and I'm sure it will be just fabulous.

Annie - thanks for the run down on the ugli fruit. I guess we have all had our experiences with FB no so friends, eh? Are you going to get hammered with more snow again? They are really getting belted in Chicago. I am glad it's staying south of us. DH said he needs to go work on the driveway - each time we plow it gets narrower. I had to laugh when you talked about a former coworker who was a hippy atheist jewelry maker - I wonder if she was related to my coworker - the only thing was this person THOUGHT she was young but acted in a way that she totally aged herself by trying to be the 20 something she thought she was in her head.

Shad - hope you are having fun on your last days at home.

Laura - I hope you still have a weekend left to enjoy yourself. Seems like you picked a great (weather) week to be away. I'm glad you sent some sun my way - if I can't have warm temps, I'll gratefully take the sunshine. DH was asking what I wanted to do today - I said I was getting a bit bored - this shortest month can be the longest in some ways but at least we have sunshine. If it was grey and cloudy we'd all be going bonkers.

Have a good weekend chicks.
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