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Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to lazy snowflakes falling, very pretty! I suppose we got at least a couple inches this time. Bob went to have breakfast with the men's group at church and then they were going to replace light bulbs in the sanctuary. The hanging lights can be lowered from the attic, but most of the guys can't get up there because of their size, or age/climbing ladders. The rest of the wall lights are done with big ladders. It was nice to have several guys to help with the project. I've been doing laundry and just putzing; I should go to the grocery store but perhaps I can talk Bob into going this afternoon.

Maggie -- Our snow this morning must be leftover from what you had yesterday. It has warmed up to 12 this morning. The high today is supposed to be 18, so we'll see. The sun has been in and out all morning. Since we can't do anything, about the weather, except talk about it --what will be, will be.

I came upstairs with laundry to put away. Next chore is to vacuum! Hope you all enjoy a super Saturday!
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