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Good morning. Hair appt for me this morning. I love getting my hair done. When I get back I have the house to clean. DH is under the weather. He had chills yesterday but went to work. He is still running a low temp and sleeping a lot. He most likely picked something up at the hospital. Tylenol keeps the temp down.

I need to get MPG caught up and get my act together.

Annie, I didn't realize that you had a house guest?

Happy, I am so glad to hear your kitty is going to be ok. I am a cat lover. We lost our beloved 18 year old mainecoon kitty last fall due to a cancerous ear tumor. His name was Hudda Budda and we miss him everyday. I never thought I would spend the money I did on a pet, so I hear you on that vet bill. I just finished
paying of Hudda's vet bills from when the tumor was found last April. But I loved him and did what I could for him.

Ceejay, glad to hear the boil is going away. Those things hurt!

Michelle, enjoy the rain. Buy a fun umbrella!

Shad, hope you are getting things caught up.
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