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Originally Posted by whollyhick View Post
This is LITERALLY like the Tall TWINS thread! I love it! we probably have the same bad habits and little quirks too!! We're like the perfect group to do this together!!! I'm like super extra ridiculously excited about it! (Surely you guys know the feeling I mean! Haha)

paigeinabook you're seriously like the closest thing I could ever find to a twin, and you're already taken by an ACTUAL twin! Wahhh! Hahaha. :P but really, I've only ever known one person who shared my birthday (besides Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman) so. I'm pretty enthralled! Haha

Today, was my official first day of work, orientations and things, so nothing that exciting... But I'm OFFICIALLY in the 220s!! I'm sure it'll fluctuate up and down, in and out of the 230/22? Mark, but still!! 229.4 yayyyy!
Hahahhaha you made my day with that. The funny thing is, we started at the same weight and I'm about ten pounds behind you right now! I see a connect happening here... good job on the 220s!! Pretty amazing stuff!
I know soooooo many people with our birthday. Namely, and most interestingly, twins. Of course we all four are best friends since 7th grade. Imagine my surprise to find out my new best friend not only shared my birthday but also had a twin as well??? Weirdest thing I've ever had happen to me coincidence-wise for sure.
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