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I just did a friend a favour and picked up her daughters dog to 'dog sit' for a few hours. When she came to pick the dog up I was talking about my new clothes on the white furniture and she said 'you have lost weight, your not going to yoyo back are you?'

She's not the type to be rude so either she was just being an air head or she's been listening to people talk. I'm going to go with the air head theory! I don't know why it bugged me so much.. maybe I'm just tired. Thanks to a lot of previous comments on 3FC's I think I handled it ok.

I said 'I sure hope not!, I don't imagine your daughter plans on gaining her weight back'(her daughter has lost weight and is looking good) To which she replied, 'oh no, she's worked so hard at it.' (and I haven't???) That's as polite as I could be cause I was tempted to ask her why she would say something so rude! But I held my tongue!!

Thankfully there are some great maintainers on the threads that give me motivation and I just saw a friend from a neighboring town who has maintained her 80 pound IP loss for over a year now.

Vent is over!
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