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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
Do you think the slip-ups might have something to do with having crossed over into Onderland? I know for me that once I reach a BIG goal like that, it is hard to find the motivation to keep going quite as strong as before.
I think that might be part of it, combined with the winter "blahs". When it's cold I find it harder to drink all my water, and I've been making more excuses to myself lately. I am not blaming anyone/anything other than me!

On a different note, every week when I go weigh in there is a couple ahead of me who always run over their alloted time and the clinic is so small you can hear everything from the waiting area. Yesterday was the worst yet -- the husband, who has already convinced me that he's a complete jackass, was YELLING at his wife, blaming her for his slip-ups: "You bought cheesecake for your bunco group and you KNOW I'm going to eat it! It's YOUR responsibility to not put things in the house you KNOW I will eat!" It was excruciating to listen to, and I wanted to go back and slap him!
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