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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Once we have been on this diet for a few should happen...If it does not..then being honest, I think there are varying levels of people not WANTING to be be honest with themselves over small indescretions, (not weighing and measuring food among them) , not wanting to acknowledge and learn what their own body hormone system does on a weekly/monthly basis and wishful thinking that this diet is not magic. There is that overweight mentality that ignorance is bliss...OK..get over it. Or as someone else said..stay fat. ( LOL.... I know that was Ruth Ann..and it was priceless..but TRUE. Just as this is)

We POWs (Previously Over Weights ..I forget who said that...but it is outrageously pragmatic and truer than true in this case....) ALL POWs are going to have to learn how to manage this daily. The scale is going to matter. No one else or any diet plan is going to hand long term success over on a silver platter. Get on with it. Get over it. Or you are going to have a bigger problem..once you recognize how easily it can all be lost. Then the badmouthing IP begins.....

I know I sound a quit harsh..but really and is a straightforward truth.....just like the number on the scale. In most business they live and die by the numbers. This personal business of mine is no different.
LOL... you always word it so eloquently.
I just want to jump straight to "quit your B1tc#!#g" LOL

On another note: I'm in the process of getting an appointment with a functional medicine doctor to help me with this stall. When I gain after a strict p1 month, SOMETHING is wrong. In the meantime, I'm going to use this time to make some more scale peace & start daily weighing. I did it when I was losing weight but the stall got to me. Time to view it as "just a number" whether I'm losing or not!
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