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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Lisa I agree with you to a point...However; it is something that if a body (and mind) do not make peace with before the end...there is going to be trouble in maintenance.

The literature and studies all indicate those who weigh daily are in the long run, more successful at both losing and maintaining. Fear of the scale and the angst needs to be overcome, and can be done. It is like fear of the gym..once you get in the groove it becomes easier. It also is way to easy to NOT get on the scale..bargaining with self, using the excuse
"I'll wait a few more days..I ate something salty..or had dinner out twice the last few days...."
This mindset if not overcome is part of being overweight, and has the potential to un-do the really hard work of the diet itself. Old habits need to change. All too often someone posts about being afraid to get on the scale. There are good reasons for not weighing so often......sometimes...

But ascribing to that school of thought leaves a back door open. Who is strong enough to not let them selves go down that hallway? Once you overcome and get in front of the fear...the scale can never be your enemy again. It is a good idea to learn how to make that work for you, or it will always be there.

So yes..perhaps initially if you are tenuous and not confident in the diet and yourself...go easy. As you get that is something I believe you need to push through, or it has the potential to allow you to kid yourself that the scale is your some is not. That takes work and mental retraining.
Agreed! Peace with the scale must be reached. And it is mind over matter, the same as staying OP to start with.

So how do we get people to STOP freaking out over a slight increase over a day or two that has nothing to do with calories/cheating (normal fluctuation)? Let alone folks who jump on the scale multiple times per day and then freak when it fluctuates? These are the things that drives me bananas.
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