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You girls are great! I really appreciate all the love and support from you both. Although I was up 0.4 yesterday from last Thursday's weigh in, I was down 0.4 this morning, so it is coming off again. Just sad that it's taken me 4 days to take off what I had put on from 1 day. I have to keep reminding myself if what I want to binge on in the future is worth all the extra effort to get it off.

Medeis, whether or not you make 185 in 2 days is not as important as appreciating how far you've come on this journey. I still remember how you struggled at the beginning to even stay on track for more than a week. Then you suddenly got on board, stuck the the plan and started your workouts and your weight is steadily coming off each and every week. I'm so proud of you!

michlove, I'd get that, too, from people. When I got to 160, everyone kept telling me that I didn't need to lose any more weight. But I knew I would not be happy with my appearance until I got down to 150, which is still 20 pounds heavier than my goal weight from just a few years ago. But it is attainable and maintainable. I know I will feel healthy at this weight and fit in a size 6 jean. That's all that matters, right? How WE feel about ourselves, not how others want us to look (of course, as long as we don't go overboard and get unhealthy skinny).

And I know I've said it before, but would really love it if you two would come and join me on the JC forum, especially on the challenge threads. So many people join them and they are so much fun and motivating (plus, the forum is up and running just fine now, Medeis, no more pages that don't work). I'll be putting up the St. Patty's Day challenge today for early sign ups and I'll post the link here if you guys are interested. Hope to see you there soon.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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