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Good morning ladies,

Yoga class was a killer yesterday - many of the ladies were saying that they would be really sore today. It became obvious that you have to be both strong and flexible to do yoga. It was difficult but I just kept pressing forward and telling myself that each time I will get a bit stronger. They are going to continue the class again which I'm happy about. I then got dressed and walked over to the thrift shop. The building is old, the bathroom is kind of gross actually and I don't want to drink the water out of the bathroom sink so I lug water bottles with me. I have a bag with my tea, mug, water bottles, shoes and lunch so it was a bit on the heavier side. Most people have cleaned the sidewalks but in 3 spots they did not clean to the street so there was literally a pile of hard crusted, uneven snow that was about 3 feet high where the snow plow came through. It was really difficult traversing, especially with my munchkin legs. I thought it was pretty awful considering that's the section of town services - police dept, senior resources, and county government offices so there's lots of older folks milling about. I guess they figure that everyone drives although you do see a lot of people walking in town. Plus it was very cold and had a good wind kicking up. It wasn't the most pleasant of walks but I made it. We had a steady stream of people coming through, didn't make a lot but enough to pay the rent and put a few bucks towards the animals.

I mentioned it before but I am about to shut down my Facebook account. I realized that there is just a lot of drama associated with it. Let's just say a few people ruin it for everyone else and I don't need that any more in my life. I am pulling some pictures and things off - I will miss the occasional random thing worth saving that I see but it's just another step in learning to live by myself as social media fails me. I will of course have you ladies here and you have my email address if anything happens that you don't want to post here. I do need to clean up my 3FC message box - I only have room for 2 open messages.

I have also come to accept after yesterday that I have allowed myself to become old, fat and weak. The old part has to do with a milestone birthday in April I am not exactly looking forward to and it's not that I allowed myself to get there, it's just creeping up on me. While I can't do anything about that, I can about the fat and weak part. I need to incorporate strength training because it's almost comical trying to get up from off the floor It's ok, I was sad last night, today I woke up with a renewed focus so all is well.
Meadow is doing better today too and we are relieved about that.

Michelle - yay for much needed rain in your area. Is everyone "Singing in the Rain" Bet you are really glad you have a short commute now, I can imagine the slick roads would cause some traffic jams and possible rain related water rushes on drier grounds. I would definitely check out ed2go classes. You can take a bunch compared to what it will cost you for a seminar and except for this art class I am currently taking, I have been really happy with the classes. I even got DH to take a photography class and he's planning on taking 2 more. Plus you can save the class contents to refer to later which fits better into working your writing into a busy schedule. I really should work on my writing too.

Ceejay - your experience with your friend illustrates why it's so hard to live with someone - even if it's someone you like and particularly difficult if you've been on your own for a while. Some people are the "waiting on you" kind of people which can get on one's nerves. My Mom and DH's dad's wife #3 would always be pushing food on you the minute you walked in the door. Want something to drink/want some cake/want some water/I have some grapes here - want some/want some/want some.... Ack! A simple "no thanks, I'm good" at the onset should set the tone. Maybe you need to rethink moving in with your sister when you retire. Heck when I retired I found it hard being with DH 7 x 24 and I've been living with him for 40 years To your question I am only doing yoga once a week right now. There is a lady who teaches yoga classes in the area but she is very, very popular and it's difficult to get into her classes - when she offers a new session, there might only be one opening in the class. I did get into her March class but only because we have a lot of locals up this way who leave for the warmer southern climates January - April. So I'm looking forward to that. I need to step up my game, I have a couple of yoga dvds I need to start doing at least twice a week.

Shad - enjoy your time at home, can imagine you are all busy as get go. We will catch up later...

Annie - they have a big bin of ugli fruit at the store. I didn't get it because I didn't know anything about it and based on my experience with mangoes, I don't try something new until I learn more about it. I see it is a cross between a grapefruit/tangerine/orange. Sounds yummy. Do you pick the green ones or do they ripen and change color? Maybe not because as I think about it, citrus skin does not change color except for lemons and limes when they become overripe.

Hi Susie - hope you are not snowed in. You must be quite busy at work.

I think I'll go find me some lunch and get busy with some cleaning. Have a good day everyone.
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