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Goooooooood Morning twins!

What. A. Week! I have been trying to find time at work to log in and post all week long but it has been crazy as all **** here because of tax season. x.x
You ladies are doing AWESOME!!!! I couldn't believe there were two more pages already since I last checked. So glad to see this thread staying super active and positive!!!!!! Keep it up!!

A little update about me, I've been weighing everyday so that I can see the little fluctuations in my body, but I'm holding steady at around 228.5-228. I have pilonidal disease and this week my lower back has been killing me because of it so I haven't worked out, but I'm doing much better today. So starting tonight I will be doing some awesome yoga routines, and my aunt and uncle have a brand-new un-used bowflex they bought and just never got around to using, so maybe this weekend I'll clean it up and use it a bit Need to find a way to get cardio in.... I do have the Kinect with zumba, sooo that might be the way to go

Also, I'm doing terrible this week with water. drank 3 cups yesterday and 3 the day before that. Have had terrible headaches for the past couple days, so I'm going to see if drinking the right amount of water today stops the headaches. x.x I sure hope it does.

Take care ladies!!!!!!!!!!
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Run a mile in under 7 minutes ~ Get into the teens: 219 < lbs ~ Fit into my size 14 pants again ~ Reduce BMI from obese to overweight ~ Start the new school year in ONEderland

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