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We had snow flurries yesterday. Don't mind that. I got out to run some errands and came back home. My friend who is staying with me this week should have gone home yesterday but she wants sunshine to drive in. Then she told me that she had ordered herself a couch and love seat for her apt in Walnut Ridge. Sometime later today I'm going to go get my paycheck.
My friend has always claimed that she's a great cook. She' no better than I am. And she's beginning to get on my nerves, by trying to wait on me hand and foot. She's going to make me mad one day if she's not careful.
And she's trying to take over. I'm not letting that happen. This is my domain.
My blood pressure was a bit high yesterday at 150/108. I told him it was due to all the stress at work. Just another good reason for me to leave this job. But I will not till 2015.

I can imagine how sore you are with all that shoveling. But it's great exercise. This is my four day week end. AND I'm not going to Paragould. I'm staying put.

How many time a week do you go to Yoga? I have not done any exercise this week but I am today. I need it.

I understand completely about not having time to post.

CA can get dry so I'm sure the rain is much needed. How are you coming along on your writing classes.

Hi Susie, Are you snowed in?
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