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That's my kind of dinner! I actually had something similar. Zucchini/turkey meatballs with marinara mixed with plenty of mushrooms, kale, and picamas (Guatemalan hot sauce).

I have seen a doctor and had my thyroid tested and complete bloodwork. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. I've always been a "stockier" person as is my daughter, mom, and even grandmother. We are petite, but not teeny like some others. I keep pressing on, though. My exercise is not as consistent as it could be, but I'm constantly running around - I'm a single mom. I'm leaving work at a "normal" time today and heading to the gym, and I have a 4 mile hike/walk scheduled in the morning while she's at a playdate.

I think the two problems are that I love to drink champagne - about 250 calories many days/week and that I don't exercise enough. I'm upping the exercise and replacing my champagne with more food and hopefully that will get me back in the game. I am in the upper "normal" BMI, but I want to be closer to the middle of a healthy range. Typically the more gym time I get in, the less I drink because all of my stress and anxiety is melted away.

I'm on a roll, and I'm super hopeful that I'll see some changes within the next two months.

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