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Originally Posted by kcdoe View Post
I'm a scale nut, I step on it every time I go in the bathroom : It doesn't discourage me but keeps me honest and teaches me how my body is affected by what I did that day. For me It's typical that it doesn't move down every day but then boom it's down. I know if I eat to much salt or more OP food then I'm suppose to it may be more by a pound. Salt for me can add up to 3 lbs. but it goes away with next day of lower salt.
With this reboot I'm having cravings I didn't have the first time, of course due to the ice I couldn't make my weigh in this week and I'm out of my favorite items. But all in all this is still an awesome diet, what other diet can you complain about because you only lost 7 to 10 a month?

I'm hoping that this weigh in "Monday" is the "BIG" ONE under 200. I haven't been under 200 for 15 years wish me luck. My scale is off from the coaches by 2/4 lbs so I never really know what her scale is going to say. why not fix that, cause it kinda keeps the excitement of weigh in day!!

Good Luck KC...I happen to be with you on this and in the minority here...Completely agree with you on the daily weighing for EXACTLY the same reasons! It helps me understand how my body reacts to certain foods and how to manage my own sensitivities...and most very simply keeps me honest. And humble..Seeing the daily fluctuations reminds me at any time I'm only a week away from needing to go on P1/2 to get back down...and if I were to choose NOT to keep tabs...a month could spell trouble. I see that when I travel and do not have access to consistent scale feedback. It can be daunting after a week to check for the first time.... It is either self serving or humbling. When weighing after a period of no scale access, and things are in the ball park range...under 2 lbs of change (for me,) it's either good...or...if approaching 3 lbs, it is a reality check.

Good luck with your next weigh in...You and Ruth Ann can be dance partners ........celebrating ....

While the rest of us are clapping for you!
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