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Hi Twin Twins!!

I have had a pretty good day, I was under my calories today, and had a really great workout. I think mostly because it was one of those mind over matter things. I psyched myself up pretty good today , so I hit my basement with excitement, and had a better than expected workout. With all the squats and lunges though, my knees don't love me I have been trying to show them some . It's weird that all of a sudden I have a renewed focus on this weight loss thing, which is great, because I think I was starting to question my ability to actually reach my goals. Which is never ever a good thing, but thank god I was able to get myself a jump start, mentally and physically today. I will need this in the coming weeks, TOM is on the way...

Skittlez I feel you regarding school--I remember being stressed, late nights studying, midterms, finals, long *** papers, pizza, alcohol... It is a wonder I made it through. I wish you the best of luck, hopefully you are much more organized than I was, because it was hard balancing all the social activities I wanted to participate in, with my studies. I wanted it ALL, lol .

lalaes, Skittlez Booo! I'm a lone Cancer . That's fine, nobody wants to join the "bipolar" club anyways...

Daimere If my car broke down I would be down-right depressed. I do not "play" with my transportation, that is like electricity going out in the house, I can't deal . I hope you get it all fixed up .

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