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Thumbs up taking the time now makes time later


Lexxiss your check-in of your routine had me thinking the line "take time now and you'll make time later". You're totally on the button with that. It's not like I procrastinate on the extraordinary things, which I will do at times, but they come and go a few times a year. What FILLS my mind, takes my energy, and leaves me feeling less-than are all the small day to day things that go on and on and on in my avoidance of doing "right now". So, to turn your phrase around, they take my time now AND later... they don't go away and I can look forward to feeling BAD about myself cause I know I have to do it and haven't.
Now what sane person would willingly live like that?

Maybe I have finally hit some magic age/number that I know I don't have time to waste feeling bad anymore. Or having my precious mind and creative energy zapped by the dishes or not knowing/not deciding what to do with my own crap. Really, what a waste of time. Thanks so much to you, Lexxiss, and gardenerjoy and silverbirch and all the others who have joined in and posted on these on-going declutter threads. You guys all give me a measure of what to do and how to keep moving forward. Honestly whatever I have accomplished comes from my continued involvement here.

I have to get to bed. G'nite all.
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