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Originally Posted by Redheadsquirt View Post
I just joined this group and wanted to introduce myself. This is my second time following this program. I did IP 3 years ago and had success (35 lb). I since then have had another baby and gained a lot of weight during that pregnancy. I also feel my eating habits have just gotten out of control and I need some structure.

I started 2/2 (Sunday) and so far things are going good. I am trying to do this on my own and not using any of the IP products, because it is just to expensive. I have found great alternatives to use (thanks to everyone here)!

I am currently following the Alternative Plan to Phase 1 (this is also the one I followed 3 years ago) because I am still nursing. On the alternative plan you don't get into ketosis.

I am really hoping I can make this work on my own and loose this weight!
confused about you not go into ketosis on the alternative plan? Can someone enlighten me. I am doing IP now with a mix of protithin and IP products.
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