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Originally Posted by sarita75 View Post

I think you might be going about P4 a little wrong. According to what I have been told, you should keep fats, no grain carbs, with one non-breakfast meal, like lunch, and carbs, limited fats, with the other non-breakfast meal, like dinner. Fats @ dinner would be very limited, like 1 tsp of oil. Having almond butter (oil) w/ toast (carbs) would likely be a no-no due to the oil in the almond butter. I generally find myself doing the following:

- big breakfast (0% greek yogurt, 1/3 c. fruit (in the yogurt), lower-carb bread with almond butter, and some meat (about 2 oz, generally turkey pastrami)
- lunch: salad with grilled meats and salad dressing. Sometimes I will do a veggie plate with deli meats and string cheese.
- dinner: sometimes meat and pasta with tomato sauce (watching the oils), sometimes rice and a meat/veggie stirfry (light oil), sometimes meat/veggies only (forgoing the carbs/grains). If I need carbs, sometimes I will make a 1/2 sandwich with some mustard, veggies and deli meats. Sometimes I will have some cream of wheat with WF Pancake Syrup.

Hope this helps a little bit!

Those are great tips. I have found I add fats to my lunch in the same way you mentioned, with a salad and fattier dressing or cheese, etc... I love having pasta with marinara and meatballs, but try to stay away from wheat so I go for baked potatoes or sweet potatoes for dinner. I will put a little sea salt and grapeseed oil on my potato instead of butter and quite like it.

Thanks for your info. I think it is so helpful to others. Maintenance can feel scary at first and even after 4 months I find I am still trying to navigate in the healthiest way possible.

Don't forget to have snacks throughout the day. Nuts and cheese are good. Maybe a little fruit occasionally.

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