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Good morning ladies,

A very wet, rainy morning here in Northern CA, and we couldn't be happier. At least those of us who didn't get stuck in traffic jams, and there are some bad ones out there. One of our major freeways connecting people from one side of the bay to the other had a bad wreck...a big rig somehow lost control and ended up straddling the center divider blocking 3 lanes of traffic in each direction! I got up a bit early to allow for more time to deal with drivers who have forgotten how to deal with slick roads, and there were absolutely no problems on my commute! *knock wood*

It's supposed to rain on and off until Monday with the heaviest rain coming last night/this morning and again on Saturday.


Ceejay - It's good that you were paying attention even if Mr. Arrogant was not. So sorry to hear about your co-worker's brother.

Susie - I didn't even see the new home page. I usually just go straight to the forum pages (or to our page). I only had the migraine on Tuesday. I've felt fatigued all week, but even that seems to be getting better despite having a bit of insomnia last night. At first B, my friend with cancer, had a rough time dealing with having to take disability retirement. But now that he's had time to process this latest development, he's ok with it. He crunched the numbers and will be ok financially. I told him that now he can work on getting the mystery novel he's just about finished writing published, and that he can begin to work on the sequel.

Shad - I hope your dentist appointment goes well and that you enjoy the rest of your day back home.

Happy - I'm so sorry to hear about Meadow. I've had to give both cats and dogs subcutaneous fluids which do make them develop a bulge under the skin...but it eventually dissipates. So if Meadow has too much bacteria in her digestive system, do you have to give her meds...or will this one treatment do the trick. Sending happy birthday wishes to your DH. I hope you have a good day at yoga and the thrift store. That sucks that pain woke you up early.

Annie - So sorry you had so much shoveling to do. 2.5 hours...that's crazy! I don't miss that one bit. I hope you're not in pain today. You're a good "mom" to Sassy to shovel the back porch and yard...hopefully that will be good enough for her to do her bizness outside.

Since Happy brought up TBL, I agree that the winner got too thin. She looked SO much better during the last week or two on the show when she won the mini-triathlon (which won her a spot in the finale). She had tremendous muscle tone and a great figure. For the finale, it really looked like she lost muscle. When she first came out, the camera panned over to Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and the horror showed in their expressions. You could even read Jillian's lips as she said "Oh my God!" I really hope she puts a bit of weight (and especially muscle) back on. The previous seasons' winners all look great! Overall though, I was impressed and inspired by most of the contestants. Some of the contestants who were eliminated early came back and still lost 40-50% of their body weight through their dedication at home. Tumi, the winner of the "at home" prize of $100,000 looks amazing. Yes, there are lots of faults with that show. However, I do get inspired by those who lost a reasonable and safe amount weight and look healthy. Of course, watching it resulted in an internal rant by my inner critic. Why can't I do that? Why can't I stick to ANYTHING? Why do I ALWAYS sabotage my efforts. And that rant kept me up until nearly midnight last night. Ugh. One thing I am great at is beating myself up.

Anyway, time to get some work done.

Much love,

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