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Atarimae-I weigh daily too and putting it all into a daily weigh-in list helps me remember it will go down and notice patterns so I don't fall into despair over the crazy fluctuations. That's so interesting! Yeah I think it really is interesting how the cheat meal/day works for some but others like me go into a tailspin of overeating and the same is true for little rewards each day with some people Great job getting solidly out of the 50s!

So the little treats each day is working really well! Tuesday I had a fancy coffee, yesterday I had some meringue cookies, and today I had a tbsp of peanut butter in my smoothie. I'm not going overboard at all, really the treats are all about 100 calories when I think about it! And I just cut back a little on dressing in my salad and that makes up for it calorie wise I'm so glad this is working and what's also great is I'm not obsessing about what my cheat day will be! I would seriously obsess and plan and get anxious thinking about it. But now its no bother!

More good news-the scale is back down to 143.8! I'm really hoping it at least stays there tomorrow or drops a bit more for my official weigh in.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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