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I overcame procrastination yesterday and went to bigbox and purchased insulation and the tile I need for another project. credit. This morning I've cleaned the sink and did some refrigerator rearranging. Trash is bagged for removal and I'll do my essentials.

gardenerjoy, yay for baby steps and excited for your Wii. When life calms down I, too, may invest. Did your filing get finished?

onebyone, we're starting work on rental #3 today. It's the one which had a water leak in the bathroom so we have some demolition before we see the extent of the damage. Even so, this is far smaller a project than the last. The insulation is for our home. We have a unfinished basement and there's no insulation in the floor joists. If I'm in the kitchen and it's dark I can tell if I've left the basement light on. Lol. I can also see the dining room lights when I'm downstairs. These renovation successes have really motivated me to do some extra work at home. We went to the hotsprings for 4 days last week-the last visit until this project is finished.

So I reflected for a moment on my essentials this morning.
Bed made-I notice how much nicer it is to crawl into bed at night AND it provides the perfect spot for daily laundry folding. I noticed this morning as I folded the laundry instead of leaving it for later.
Laundry-It felt good as I folded my "waitress" clothes this morning. They are put away and I don't need to panic when Saturday morning comes. I don't run out of stuff(socks/undies) and I know where everything is. I decluttered my drawers/closet so that there is a "spot" for everything. It goes there as soon as it's folded. I have 2 baskets-one for dirty/one for clean. No overflow anymore which makes it simple. When I'm looking at clothing to bring home I constantly ask myself how much do I really need. I used this same line when decluttering-how much do I really need.
Dishes done-sink cleaned-I find much less frustration in cooking OP when I keep up with this. As soon as it starts to get cluttered, I find myself less motivated to cook/eat what nourishes.

I'm grateful to continue to "make time". I can head out to work today and it's comforting to know I can come home, make dinner and relax. credit.
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