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Back to work today. Lucky me. All the roads were clear. ESPECIALLY my driveway. OMG I actually was out there shoveling, non-stop for 2.5 hours when you include the back porch and yard for her hine-asssss. Needless to say my arms, shoulders and neck are killing me. The silly road crews put not one but two mounds at the foot of my drive, I had to shovel that all out too. C was in no condition to help as he is still fighingt the cold/cough, plus he needed a day of rest to get healthy. He is a bit better but far from back to normal.

CHELLE....I left the apple peel on the apple. Less work that way, skin side up. Hope your head is feeling much better by now. You are welcome for the cookbook. After I mailed yours I realized there are two copies in that spiral bound, so I guess in case you don't get it the first are very welcome for the cookbook also. Scary about Meadow, any time there is blood it gets a little nerve racking. Glad she is doing better now. Marty Feldman is just creepy looking, maybe he would look better with fur! I just cannot get into those reality shows. I did order season 4 of Downton Abbey and watched the entire thing already. It is ok.'s the implant, all good? Welcome back home. I don't know how you know if you are coming or going...

CEEG...I bet retirement is looking better and better to you now with the stress of the ice storm and the new co-worker. You need a vacation. all got the tail end of our mess. We ended up with 8" at my house plus blowing and drifting. I shoveled 2 thigh high mounds and that about did me in. Glad DH is doing well. Huncker down on your OP eating.

Hope LAURA is having a blast, has to be better than all this snow and shoveling. Can't wait to hear of her adventures.

That is about it for me. Make it a great day!



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