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Originally Posted by MarleneV View Post
Bindii, good job! When I started doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred video, I thought I would die. But I kept going back & doing it. So, now I'm on level 2 and its starting to get a bit easier. So, just keep doing that with your 7 Min work out, you'll get to the point where 1 set goes well, and then you can do 2, and so forth.
That's good news! I've managed another workout (if 7 minutes constitutes a workout lol) and am not about to give up.. even if I feel like I'm walking around on someone else's legs..

Originally Posted by Mrs Snark View Post
I did squats every time the dogs stopped to pee during dog walks this morning. Just a little something extra for today.
Just so long as the neighbours didn't think it was you watering the trees lol...

Originally Posted by Sassyblonde View Post
I had an almost completely vegetarian dinner. My husband was annoyed and said he was getting tired of all the green! Stir fry veggies with a few shrimp and a giant salad..I love eating green food and I was craving kale chips too. I happy that I crave kale chips and not tortilla chips! It's like my body is soooo happy to be nourished now with vitamins and veggies. It's a huge shift for me.
I've got to try these Kale chips.. there isn't anywhere around here that sells them and Kale has only in the last week or so started to appear in some of the stores.. I'll have to hunt down a recipe I think.

and once more in pounds.

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