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Rie- Thank you so much for the awesome advice. You really are so sweet Yeah, I've tried being a little more firm with people. I'm thinking about it now so I hope being more aware will help. It is hard to change some so intrinsic about ones self. Yeah, I worked on not beating myself up too much and was back on track yesterday and today I think its important to remember this isn't about perfection but and overall lifestyle goal challenge and things don't always go smoothly and its best to accept the hard days for what they are and move on. That's rough with the visa and needing to find a job so quickly! And then you'd have to leave soon after, it must be a very tough situation to be in. I'm sure the right answer will come to you though and its great that you are keeping aware of all your options

So scale dropped today 3lbs Only 1lb away from Thursday and Fridays weigh ins. I really hope to be back to 143 by weigh in day friday! If not though, I won't sweat it(or at least will try not to ) and know that TOM messes with things and that I will be back there soon. I really have kept aware of my previous goals and have met them the past two days(I'm trying to think of them as being a part of my current goals like you suggested Riestrella and that's helping!).
Today was a long day and I can't wait for the weekend so I can relax. I'm going to LA to visit my bf and it will be awesome to get away from here and piano(i'm over practicing a bit and physical separation is the only thing that's going to stop me from practicing lol). My concert is in a little over a week and Monday is my first rehearsal with the orchestra. I'm meeting with the conductor on Friday. Seriously, I'm so freakin sick of this piece and preparing for this concert haha I have so much rep to learn for my recital and for another concert with the orchestra in April. I just want to play already!

Hope everyone else is doing well with their goals!
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