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Week two is an *** kicker! MarliQQ personally I preferred her 6 week six pack DVD, because in 3DS she does a routine, and then you do it over! Ad you're dreading round two because you KNOW how round one felt!! 6wsp seemed to switch exercises much quicker and you were DONE before you knew it! I liked that about it. My mom hated it. But just throwing it out there if that's why you hate Jillian! Lol.
And as for the job thing, don't worry. Imma nervous WRECK. I had to call off day 1 because my husband got stuck on the way to work and had to take my car! but his job is the clear breadwinner in this case, so I had to sacrifice! (Otherwise, I couldn't afford said car!) yuck. So I know my tummy is going to be crazy nervous in the morning for my ACTUAL first day... I'm going to do a yoga flow for stress and relaxation, and be mindful. Hopefully I'll be able to learn a lot and do well in this first two day stretch! (Luckily my weekends are off! Yippee!) so. Wish me luck, because I am gonna NEED it! And hopefully I pack enough snacks, because if I come home hungry... It'll be binge-central! and that's the last thing I need!! :/

paigeinabookwe must! It was like I was welcoming you, and you were typing on this page at the exact same time! Haha. Either way, glad you came!

Oh! Everyone!
MarliQQ and I want to be in Onederland by our birthdays, mine is June 9th and hers is June 24th!
So. I think we should share birthdays, and birthday goals, just to reference in the future and help with supporting our twinsies! (Wow. That was a corny name. Hahaha and were officially up to being up to 9 of us if I counted correctly! which I do not know the actual name for... (Twins, triplets, quadruplets. Quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets, octuplets, and... Us? Haha or. I could be blowing smoke. Never know with me...)

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