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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
I am doing a happy dance with you! I am so, so, so happy for you!
Originally Posted by Hawaii69 View Post
Ruth Ann;

Congratulations!! How exciting and so motivating! You go girl!
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Ruth Ann its not 'just' a number! What a huge accomplishment!!! I'm sooo happy for you!! Take a long look in the mirror and acknowledge how far you've come!!!

Where's that darn broccoli? Can't find it today????
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I think you should dance and sing and cheer and shout! This is the best ever for you! Congratulations Ruth Ann~
<~~ ~it's a pep rally!!!
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Three Cheers for YOU!!!
Thanks everyone! It really put me in a good mood all day - I was seriously excited!

And I had to laugh at dh yesterday - I brought home my Superbowl t-shirt and he looked at it and said "that's dinky." Well, duh dear! He asked if I thought it would fit so I put it on and he said "hubba, hubba!" He's so cute.

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