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I am also a daily weigher. I "gained" 4.5lbs after a little super bowl fun (a few cocktails were embibed along with OP food). I was shocked and laughed it off Monday morning, but when it had only dropped 2 of those pounds by Tuesday, it was not nearly as humerous.

Yet today, I was actually a half pound lower than I was Sunday morning so it definitely set the tone (size 6 skinny jeans with a pair of knee high boots - who am I?!?!).

I mostly just use the scale to keep myself accountable and I try to only get frustrated in the deep recesses of my mind. I do find it funny that when the scale jumps up, I wait for my "official" weigh in day to post my results for the week, but when the scale drops, I want to update my stats right away.

I guess to the number crunching me, its just part of my ritual. Just as I like to look at the numbers on MFP to see my nutrition for the day, I like to also see what story the scale is telling.

When I'm in maintenance, I do find that I must weigh everyday (or several times a week) because, just like flossing, when I break the habit I can go for a couple weeks without thinking about it and that's when the trouble starts.

IP start (193) - April 2013
Goal exceeded/Phased off (150) - July 2013
Reboot and goal lowered (145) - October 2013
Reboot and goal lowered (140) - January 2014
Goal lowered (130) - February 2014
Reboot start (181.5) - January 2017
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