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Hi Sandy, I am glad it is a new day for you and it sounds like you are shaking off what happened, though honestly I would have been just as mad and just as prone to eating the chips. To be able to sort of turn around and create yourself anew is a wonderful facility. I hope if I make mistakes on the cruise that I too can do that because really what else is there to do. One has to keep going and trying. I can't expect myself to be a total saint, however, I'm going to try to be responsible. Well I am looking forward to your weigh-in so I hope that goes ok, I don't think an instance of chips will throw you off too much.

Michlove, I am sorry to hear of your anxiety. Make sure you eat healthy though. But I really do understand. Sounds like things got somewhat out of control for you and you are taking it all back for yourself, that is fantastic. I am happy for your weight loss too, you are doing great. But just be careful to get what you need food-wise. I drop down a few calories some days and I am not losing so watch that "starvation mode". But I get the urge not to eat when one is anxious so...I guess it is a balancing act, huh. What can ya do. But yeah, anyhow, ramble away. I am prone to rambling myself.

As for me, I am at a plateau it seems. But unfortunately, due to this "vacation" I am having to work double hard this week and the one following the cruise. The stress is causing me to eat a lot less and I forget to eat things with salt and I get dehydrated and do everything wrong. I think I'm in starvation mode perhaps...(who knows). So I have to fix that, idk. Wish me luck!

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