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I told the new guy that he had run of the plant today, but as usual stays on his cell phone to long while doing another job. He was doing a back wash procedure today and was texting and wasn't watching his control panel. I happened to look over at the filter and said it's about to run over. It probably did out back. It was about three inches from the top of the filter. He was highly embarrassed. I didn't say anything to him just helped get the filter back under control.
My co-worker L's brother who is a line man was helping our line men with the electric outages, slipped and fell off the truck onto the concrete. He's hurt badly. She called and asked if I could work for her if and when they had do surgery on him to repair the broken collar bone.
I'm going to have to tell B about the filter not closing but I'm not going to say any thing about why. If they watch the camera they will see.
More later
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