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Originally Posted by onthedietagain View Post
I usually just have coffee with cream in the morning (55 cal), small pita with turkey for lunch (200 cal) and saving most of my calories for dinner, incl 10 oz of red wine (240 cal).

Frozen meals are so convenient but I think proportion of protein to carbs is not really what I want. Too much pasta with too little chicken. And evenings is when I straggle the most, to make dinner for myself separate from my family and calculate calories....and all that after work when I am tired and hungry.

How do you manage dinners?
Hi Onthedietagain

Red wine is a must I have wine every night, well, except now my 2 fasting days, I can't afford the calories. I find it not only tastes awesome, which boosts my mood, it really helps me digest and relax for the evening. I just have to be careful not to go over my limit. I used to eat a lot of frozen dinners, mainly out of convenience. But the sodium content in most of them is through the roof. And I don't find there is enough food! One of those little Lean Cuisine raviolis...I could eat 4 of those lol...For lunch, maybe, but I don't find they have enough veggies either, and I'm so picky with frozen veggies.

For dinners, I plan like heck. My bf and I are on a budget that we mainly stick to, so I shop based on what's on sale. I have tons of recipes bookmarked and printed out. On Tuesdays I get all the flyers for Thursdays, so if chicken is cheap, we eat lots of chicken dinners, pork, beef, etc....I take a few hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to plan one week's worth of lunches and dinners, and we mostly stick to it. I'm so organized, I even use google calendar to remind me what time I need to start dinner, what to take out of the freezer for tomorrow, what last minute things I'll need to buy's the only way I can manage to eat a healthy lifestyle. If I'm not prepared, we risk ordering in or going out for poutine. So far this is working well for us, and we eat very well too!

And don't discount the winters for laziness. It's hard for me to even want to go out and clear off the car today. But if I don't do it today, I'll have to do it before I head to the gym tomorrow and it'll tire me out. We're getting a lot of snow today. How about doing some workouts at home, there's so much on You Tube now. I've mentioned often that I do yoga 3x a week. I found everything online. It's not heavy cardio or anything, but it's great for flexibility and some of the movements work the muscles.

Mini Goal For October

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