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Hey all. Started yesterday. Have been maintaining over a year with a week or two here and there for shaving off the unwanted lbs. Anyways, since October things have been hectic for me on a number of different levels and while I didn't go on a binge, I was not on the scale and monitoring like I need to maintain. If I had to guess, I would say I have packed on 10lbs. Anyways, haven't been on the scale (don't need to b/c my clothes are telling me I have gained) and just plan on trekking along for at least a week before jumping on the darn thing. If its one thing I have learned about myself, its that the scale can really impact my mood, motivation, and ultimately my stress as I can become obsessive. Stress is not good for losing! Better just to practice getting back in the swing of things and seeing what happens in a week or two. Here's to staying OP!

Glad to see everyone on here...these threads were a huge lifesaver for me mentally and emotionally when doing IP the first round and have continued to be when I jump back on for a period of time.

Happy Wednesday all.
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