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Originally Posted by 0ojoyo0 View Post
I'm also feeling very discouraged this week. I'm down 12.4 lbs since reboot and I'm a daily weigher. I feel like I need to weigh daily so I stay on plan and adjust my eating as necessary. In the past, I have avoided the scale when I was afraid of what the numbers would say, so I feel like it keeps me accountable. Anyway, the scale hasn't budged in 3 days, and I feel like it's too early for this.

I've been good for the most part, although I have eaten slightly more than the allotted 8 oz protein for the past 2 evenings. I find myself just wanting to binge. It's not hunger; I know that. It's just the need to eat something (anything) and there is nothing I can do to stop it; it's at the front of my mind all day. It even got to the point that yesterday, I considered switching to Atkins just so I could eat more. I quit smoking, actually a year ago today (wow!) and the cravings are similar to those cravings.

Lol, I know this was all over the place, but thanks for listening/reading.
I, too, am a daily weigher because I just like to have a guide as to how things are going. That being said, I take it with a grain of salt. I only allow myself the daily weigh with the understanding with my better self that I will NOT allow myself to get all twisted if it stays in the same place! In January, I had about 5 or 6 days running where the weight was the exact same to the very ounce.

Now you and I know that is not logical and therefore do not sweat it! It actually made me more determined to watch my measurements and my water and oil and make sure I was doing all possible. Then just be patient.

The cravings some times hit me, too. If I am at home, I go find something to do outside the house so that I a not in an area where food is accessible. After a short while, the craving is gone. I know that I cannot allow myself to sit on the sofa and read or watch TV when I am suffering from cravings. Too easy to get up and go into the kitchen.

Pickles help cleanse my mouth and so does tooth brushing. Both seem to cut the craving.

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