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Originally Posted by tammay View Post
I just finished reading the Volumetrics book last night and am starting today or tomorrow (depends if I get to the store today). I've been hearing about calorie density for a while now and I have been doing a plan that has been low fat for a while, but still eating quite a bit of bread, crackers, etc. So I revamped my menu last night so that it includes more foods with lower calorie density. I'm a vegan, so that helps to find foods that are more CD.

One thing I didn't quite get that wasn't really explained well in the book (I bought the first one because it's cheaper and I don't have much money now) is, why is the caloric density of cereal much lower when milk is added? For example, 1 cup of Honey Nut Cheerios, according to the chart, is something like 3.0 CD without milk but with 1/2 cup milk it goes down to 1.1. Since it's the exact same amount of cereal, I don't get why it's supposed to be so much lower if milk is added.

Calorie density is calculated by dividing the calories in the food by the weight in grams of the food. For example I have a box of Fiber Active from Walmart. The nutrition label says a serving is 30g and contains 60 calories. Divide 60 by 30 and the calorie density is 2.

Now if I add 1 cup of skim milk (or any other milk) 1 cup of skim milk weighs 240g. I just weighed it on my kitchen scale. 1 Cup of skim has 90 calories.

When I add it to the cereal I now have a combination food (Cereal and milk)
which when combined weighs 270g and has 150 calories. I divide 150 calories by 270g weight and now my calorie density for the combined food is .56 this is way lower from the original Calorie density of the cereal by it self which was 2
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