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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
Ruth Ann
My scale is still up & down but no lower.
I need to find the right doctor to help since my doc isn't the guy
Thanks Lisa! And good luck on finding another doctor. Obviously something is going on that hasn't been pinpointed yet.

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
Do not know where you are in Seattle, but maybe you can hear me hooping and hollering from here in Seahurst! That is so exciting and it IS OK to use weight as one of the measures of progress. It is a little easier to validate than total inches lost (that always changes depending on how careful they measure) since there is no total mark of which you can keep track.

So in addition to the parade today (I will stay safely away in a warm spot) there should be fireworks for you. Dancing carrots isn't quite the same feeling.
And thank you Schenedctady! You are right - it is a good validation!

I'm missing the parade today since I have to work, but I have on my championship t-shirt (size medium) and will be there in spirit. Besides, it's COLD today!

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