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Heidi! That is a relief and such wonderful news! Makes me so happy for you!

Mrs Snark - THANKS - just so glad the first one is done now time to keep going

Sum - know what you mean about not being able to "BE" outside. No wonder there is a thing called the "winter blues" me and my dog tramp both have them (him moreso as I have not been able to walk him much this winter)

I must say that I am enjoying the conversations that happen in this arena. I just read something another user posted and all I could think to myself is a lack of maturity makes you respond like that. And then it irriated me and then I had to remind myself its not my business to get upset with another user that I don't even know. I had to say "joy - take what you need to know and let the rest roll off your shoulders"

One "DOH" for every 5 lbs

MAJOR GOALS:188.6 by Dec 25th 2014 (11 months to go) I will surprise my family with this ; 150 GOAL!!! by May 2015 (16 Months to go) 3 week trip to Italy!!!Shoot I am going to Italy in May of 2015.

MINI-GOALS:260 Mani/Pedi/Spa - The works; 230 Horseback riding lessons; 199 Louis Vuitton wallet;
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