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I just finished reading the Volumetrics book last night and am starting today or tomorrow (depends if I get to the store today). I've been hearing about calorie density for a while now and I have been doing a plan that has been low fat for a while, but still eating quite a bit of bread, crackers, etc. So I revamped my menu last night so that it includes more foods with lower calorie density. I'm a vegan, so that helps to find foods that are more CD.

One thing I didn't quite get that wasn't really explained well in the book (I bought the first one because it's cheaper and I don't have much money now) is, why is the caloric density of cereal much lower when milk is added? For example, 1 cup of Honey Nut Cheerios, according to the chart, is something like 3.0 CD without milk but with 1/2 cup milk it goes down to 1.1. Since it's the exact same amount of cereal, I don't get why it's supposed to be so much lower if milk is added.

Whole foods is where it's at!

S: Size 16-18
C: Size 14
G: Size 8-10
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