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Originally Posted by want2bskinnyagain View Post
Luccilove: Great job on the WI this week. I too feel like I do slower weight loss before TOM, but then I do better when I have it and a week or so after. I just started noticing this, glad to know I am not the only one.

Kooky: Glad you are back. I too get discouraged a couple of days/week a month, not sure why. I try to come here more often for motivation and also go to pinterest and look up motivating stuff there. Helps to keep me going.

Wine4me: It is hard when we only lose a pound a week but you are so close to goal, keep plugging along, you will get there.

I started jogging the other day. I downloaded an app that is going to eventually make me run 5k. I am taking it slow and if I need to do days/weeks over I am ok with that. Kind of embarrased to tell people about the running, is this weird? I think I am worried about not being able to do it.
Thank you! I realized I need to regularly visit these boards to stay motivated. Pinterest us great for recipes and exercise ideas. I've tried more of the recipes than exercise.

That's awesome that you're signed up for a 5k. When is it? As far as telling people, maybe you could just tell the people who have been really supportive of you with IP. Those same people would probably be proud of you for your running and signing up for a 5k. We're here to support you too. At least you've told us. Maybe there are some runners on 3FC who could give you advise about training for a 5k. Or I'm sure Pinterest has a schedule to get you ready for the event too. Any way you decide to go about it, that's great and I admire you for getting started on an exercise plan.
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